Renga Software, a joint venture of ASCON and 1C companies, develops software products for designing buildings, structures, and MEP by using Building Information Modeling (BIM). Renga creates 3D design products with user-friendly features, intuitive interface, and affordable cost. The products of Renga are intended for integrated design: the information model of a building created in Renga products can be used later in other stages of its life cycle.


Products based on C3D Toolkit:

  • Renga

“We apply C3D Toolkit to developing applications for architecture design, structural design, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. C3D Labs team made a lot to extend its tools for specific BIM needs. We keep on working together to bring new efficient 3D capabilities to Renga products.”
Evgeny Shuvalov, CEO of Renga Software

Partnership Timeline


Renga adds support for additional CAD formats in newest release so that it now exports models in ACIS, C3D, JT, Parasolid, and STEP formats. Exporting Renga data in these CAD formats is performed by the C3D Converter data exchange module.


Renga Software releases C3D-based Renga MEP for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering.


Renga Software releases C3D-based Renga Structure for the structural design of buildings and structures (reinforced concrete and metal structures).


Renga Software launches Renga Architecture, a fully BIM-compatible system based entirely on C3D Modeler, Solver, Converter.


Renga Software team selects C3D Toolkit for creating brand-new BIM applications.