C3D Toolkit for EDA Applications

C3D Toolkit brings 3D modeling to Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software, making the process of designing printed circuit boards intuitive in even the most complex projects.

Modules in C3D Toolkit have varied purposes, yet complement one other when working on the tasks that electronic developers seek to solve:

  • It is more intuitive for ECAD users to work with 3D models than with 2D drawings and symbolic schematics, and so C3D Modeler is excellent at constructing and editing 2D and 3D geometric objects for ECAD.
  • C3D Solver controls the relative position of electronic components and tracks collisions between them as your users place components inside cases and on PCBs.
  • Thanks to C3D Converter, PCB designers are no longer limited to a single EDA system. They can import 3D models from a variety of sources and formats, such as STEP, IGES, SAT, X_T, X_B, JT, and STL, or else export for further processing in another CAD software.
  • C3D Vision generates visualizations of 3D models directly using the C3D Modeler’s geometric kernel methods.

Solid Modeling

The modern approach to EDA design combines traditionally separated tasks of electronic computer-aided design and mechanical design. To incorporate the new way of product modeling, C3D Toolkit provides EDA developers and users the ability to construct 3D solid models during the PCB design process. The advantage of 3D solid models is that they are more easily comprehended than 2D drawings and schematics. Users see the results of their designs immediately as collisions are determined, and the best positions for components are chosen. With C3D Toolkit, your EDA system moves to a new level of function and usability.
Solid Modeling

Fast Visualization

A key performance indicator of EDA applications is how quickly high-quality 3D models are displayed, whether electronic components, chips, or printed circuit boards themselves. C3D Toolkit provides your software with fast visualization through C3D Vision, which displays, rotates, and selects tens of thousands of components quickly.
EDA, photo 3

Boolean Operations for 2D and 3D

Fast and accurate 3D modeling requires many operations to be performed, such as Boolean operations on two- and three-dimensional objects. These are cases where high performance does really matter. The algorithms in C3D Toolkit are adapted to work efficiently, allowing your software to calculate merging, subtraction, and intersections of large numbers of objects with high speed and accuracy.
Boolean Operations for 2D and 3D